Simple, Flexible Pricing

Billed monthly Billed yearly

Save up to 30% with yearly billing, pause any time!


$ 1,499  / mo
$ 14,299  / yr
Save 20%

For start-ups, not-for-profits and boostrappers!

Book your free consultation for the Bootstrapper package

Pause any time

  • Start your accessibility journey

  • Mini Audits

  • Component Design assistance

  • Online Training (live-streams)

  • 1 project

  • 1 site / landing page

  • *Must be FOSS or not-for-profit


$ 2,999  / mo
$ 26,749  / yr
Save 25%

For teams of 3-10 developers with 1-2 projects.

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Pause any time

  • Everything in The Boostrapper

  • Full site audits

  • Design system assistance

  • Online Training (private and live)

  • 1-3 projects

  • 1-5 sites / landing pages

  • Can be non-FOSS and or for profit


$ 7,499+  / mo
$ 62,749  / yr
Save 30%

For teams of 10+ people building multiple products

Book your free consultation for the scale-up package

Pause any time

  • Everything in Start-up

  • Annual VPAT

  • End-to-end A11y process

  • On-site training

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Sites / Landing pages

  • Ideal for scale-ups and larger teams

Compare Our Plans

All our plans are designed to make you excel at accessibility, the key differences are scale, training delivery and auditing. We can help you choose the best package for you if you aren't sure!

Item Bootstrapper Start-up Scale-up
Projects 1 Up to 3 Unlimited
Training Live streams Online Online + On-site
Audits Mini Full VPAT
Component Design assistance Yes Yes Yes
Full Design System assistance Yes Yes Yes
End-to-end process creation Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous Requests 1 2 5

Questions & Answers

These are some of the questions we often receive.

1. How do we know we need your service?

We encourage all of our customers to check their accessibility for themselves! On our initial calls we provide a 5 minute test you can do yourself, as well as suggesting some free automated accessibility checkers you can use on your site to get an idea of how many problems you have.

2. Can't I just use an overlay?

If you are considering an accessibility overlay (or are using one already!) Stop now. They often create more problems than they solve! It is obvious when you think about it, but if the underlying code is not accessible, how could an overlay possibly correct that?

3. How do I choose a plan?

Our plans all provide the same service (except for audits, which are scaled according to your plan). So it is down to the team size, number of projects and speed at which you want to fix issues / you create components and sites. Don't worry, we will guide you to the best solution for your budget and team size.

4. Can I cancel?

You have two options to cancel: for annual plans we will refund 75% of your unused balance, for monthly plans you can cancel any time and we will work with you until your remaining credit is used. You can also pause your subscription at any time for as long as you want.

5. What is pausing?

Sometimes your business needs or circumstances change. Whatever the reason, it may be necessary to temporarily pause your accessibility work. That is fine, you can pause and unpause your account instantly according to your needs and any balance you have on account will stay available to you for when you need it.

6. How long before we can start?

We can start tomorrow! Once we have had our initial call and we are both happy that tota11y is the right fit for you, we will send a payment request for your first month. The second that is paid we will schedule an initial mini audit and organise team introduction calls, training days etc. according to your

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