Total Accessibility
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Helping your business reach and serve
the 1 in 6 people in the world with a disability

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People are disabled

1 in 6 people have a disability. Making your SaaS accessible opens up a whole new market that you are currently not capitalising on.

Websites are not accessible

97.4% of websites have detectable accessibility errors. Together we make your product part of the 2.6% that are accessible.

No accessibility training

Over 95% of developers have had no accessibility training and did not learn it as part of learning to be an engineer.

Accessibility = Profitability

We believe that if you are working hard on accessibility, you should be rewarded!

Accessibility and profitability

1 billion people want to spend money with your business, you just have to open the door!

There are always hundreds or thousands of accessibility improvements that we could make on a site or product. We help you identify and implement the ones that provide the most impact and help you serve and reach as many people as possible.

Fix something, shout about it

Unlike most accessibility services, we believe that accessibility improvements are something to shout about! If you are investing the time and effort into changing your process to integrate accessibility, we believe you should reap the rewards. For this reason we:

  • Help identify the biggest accessibility wins first, maximising the impact of our work with you on accessibility.

  • Work with your marketing department to spread the word far and wide for positive PR from any improvements you make. We want accessibility to deliver a huge ROI (Return On Investment) for your business

Person in glasses looking thoughtful and looking up to the left. Surrounded by graphs and charts that show increasing engagement rate.
woman with curly hair looking up to the right with a twisted mouth popping out of a circle. Surrounding her are grap0hs and charts showing segmentation age, engagement rate and some generic stats.
Marketing Matters

Accessibility is a marketers dream!

Developers hate marketing (or so they say). But do you know what developers do love? Companies that care for and want to include everyone in their community. Accessibility is the perfect way to do both and show that your company is inclusive via its actions, not just its words.

Marketing around accessibility

Open up a whole new market, reach the 1 in 6 people with disabilities who may benefit from your accessibility improvements.

Get support from the whole tech community, who strongly believe in inclusion and equality.

Gain a Unique Selling Point (USP) to let you stand out from your competition in the best way possible!

Other Accessibility Benefits

Accessibility has many benefits when done right

UI wireframe on a mobile and desktop browser

Better UX

Accessible components tend to be easier to use, more robust and more intuitive for everyone.

checklist and a shield with an exclamation mark and green tick

Legal Protection

Accessibility lawsuits increased by 12% last year alone, can your business afford the time, money and bad press associated with a lawsuit?

line drawing of happy developer using a laptop while weating headphones

Attract Top Talent

As a startup, you may not be able to compete on salary. Accessibility and inclusion can you give you a competitive edge in attracting talent.

Our unique process

Our approach to accessibility is designed to save costs compared to traditional accessibility consulting. We get to know your business and then woth with you to integrate accessibility into your processes so it adds minimal costs while you get all the benefits.

1. Quick wins & getting to know you

We do a quick usability test and mini audit to identify some quick accessibility (a11y) wins. Then we work with your team to work out when to fix them as part of your natural development cycle.

During this time we get to know key people within your team, from C-suite to marketing, in order to start getting accessibility "buy-in".

2. Work on process

Our key to success! While we work on some quick wins with your team, we start finding ways to add accessibility into your development cycle at every stage.

From the PM to the marketing department, we work alongside your existing processes to minimise disruption.

3. Work on the new

The other key factor to how we work is that we focus on new development as much as possible. You shouldn't have to change your roadmap for accessibility, so we work on new features, existing issues etc. as much as possible.

For example: Changing a page on the docs? Let's fix accessibility while we are there!

4. Train as we go

Our final key to success. Most accessibility consultants come in, tell you what to fix, then leave. In 6 months, you have a whole new set of accessibility problems. We focus on sustainable accessibility practices. Why did we create a menu that way? What are we considering when designing a component?

We teach your team to think like we do, so they can take care of accessibility themselves!

A 3 step process showing 3 screens on top of each other, a wireframe of a user interface, a graph showing an increase of 32.86$ and a further wireframe that looks like a flow chart.

Part of your process

Every company has unique challenges and constraints, and the only way we can help you become truly accessible is by understanding and then working within your constraints, processes and getting your team as excited about accessibility as we are.

We code too!

We will raise issues, work on PRs with your team, help you build components, design systems and more! We don't just say "do this", we like to show!

  • We help you create design systems, so your design team can create beautiful and accessible interfaces and user-flows

  • We help you design and build component libraries, so your development team can craft high quality, resuable and robust UI components.

Track the progress towards accessibility

We use tools such as Trello and generate reports so everyone in your organisation can celebrate our accessibility wins!

Track issue completion

Everyone can see what we have already achieved together, keeping the team motivated on the long road to full accessibility.

graphic showing a list of generic items as a skeleton outline. One item is larger with a hand pointer over it and has a green circle and green switch.
A list of items with a UI design resembling a calendar in front of it. A large play button is in the center.

Video recordings of key wins!

Knowing how and why we fixed an issue is great for future reference and for new starters!

Questions & Answers

These are some of the questions we often receive.

1. How do we know we need your service?

We encourage all of our customers to check their accessibility for themselves! On our initial calls we provide a 5 minute test you can do yourself, as well as suggesting some free automated accessibility checkers you can use on your site to get an idea of how many problems you have.

2. Can't I just use an overlay?

If you are considering an accessibility overlay (or are using one already!) Stop now. They often create more problems than they solve! It is obvious when you think about it, but if the underlying code is not accessible, how could an overlay possibly correct that?

3. How do I choose a plan?

Our plans all provide the same service (except for audits, which are scaled according to your plan). So it is down to the team size, number of projects and speed at which you want to fix issues / you create components and sites. Don't worry, we will guide you to the best solution for your budget and team size.

4. Can I cancel?

You have two options to cancel: for annual plans we will refund 75% of your unused balance, for monthly plans you can cancel any time and we will work with you until your remaining credit is used. You can also pause your subscription at any time for as long as you want.

5. What is pausing?

Sometimes your business needs or circumstances change. Whatever the reason, it may be necessary to temporarily pause your accessibility work. That is fine, you can pause and unpause your account instantly according to your needs and any balance you have on account will stay available to you for when you need it.

6. How long before we can start?

We can start tomorrow! Once we have had our initial call and we are both happy that tota11y is the right fit for you, we will send a payment request for your first month. The second that is paid we will schedule an initial mini audit and organise team introduction calls, training days etc. according to your

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